December Newsletter 2023


The next regular meeting of the BEADLE COUNTY SPORTSMEN’S CLUB will be held on Tuesday, December 12th. Social hour will start at 6:00 p.m., with hors d`oeuvres of mountain oysters and pheasant patties starting at 6:15 pm. and supper served around 7:00 p.m.

MENU: Baked Ham, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetable, salad, and dessert. This is a free meal to all members that pay their 2024 memberships by meal time or $15 per person. Bring the form at the bottom with you along with your payment.

We have a Perpetual Memorial Plaque at our clubhouse. Contact Sharon if you are interested in having your loved ones name(s) engraved on a plate; the cost is $50 for each plate. We wish to keep this memorial to only names with ties to the Beadle County Sportsmen’s Club.

We are having a ‘sweatshirt raffle’ at the cost of $1 a chance. If you’re a winner, you’ll get a certificate to pick up your color choice and size at Signature Plus.

Thank you for your generous donations to the Huron Area Salvation Army Angel Tree. We were able to purchase warm clothing to let our area children know that they are loved. At the December meeting, we will again have a basket out if you want to donate to the Salvation Army Christmas Basket program.

Thank you to Ron Wallenstein for getting heat tape on our pipes under the restrooms for the upcoming cold months.

December is election month at the Beadle County Sportsmen’s Club. Up for election are seven positions: A president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and four openings for board members. Freddie Coil, Ken Shoultz, Lyle Swanson and Jim Winegar will have their terms expire in December 2023. The chairman of our nominating committee, Lyle Swanson, is working to get candidates for each open position. If you have a nomination, contact Lyle at 605-350-9889.

A board decision was made in November to shut down the clubhouse in January and February 2024 returning on March 12th. You will not be getting a newsletter for January and February. Check out our web page:

Our annual fall hunting season is underway, so good luck in the Big Buck/Bull/Lunker Contest planned for our March 12th meeting. The contest is open to only members of the Beadle County Sportsmen’s Club, with an animal harvested in South Dakota in 2022. Plaques will be awarded in the following divisions: Rifle – Whitetail, Rifle – Mule Deer, Rifle – Antelope, Rifle – Elk, Archery – Whitetail, Archery – Mule Deer, Archery – Antelope and Archery – Elk. For our Fisherman: 1) Longest Walleye caught with hook and line 2) Longest walleye by other method, examples are bow, diving, etc. 3) Longest other game fish not a walleye, examples are paddle fish, salmon, northern pike, muskellunge, etc. 4) Longest any fish by hook and line, examples are carp, buffalo, etc. 5) Longest Bass 6) Longest perch, crappie, or pan fish species. Entries for the fish contest can be a photograph of your catch measured over a ruler with a witness statement or the mount can be presented. More details will be discussed at the December meeting.

Make plans to attend the 2024 Spring Bonanza with date not set yet. Top prize will stay $1,500 and the next three prizes will be guns. Plan to have tickets printed by the March meeting. If you have donations for our silent auction, you can bring them on Tuesday, or anytime during the year as we will store them until our bonanzas.

Now collecting 2024 membership dues. Your mailing label will list the last year you have paid. The dues are $30 for a Membership and $55 for a Sponsorship. If you change your address, please notify Sharon Reno 605-352-8281 (voice) or 605-350-1899 (text).

Respectfully submitted,
Leo Pollock, 605-354-0621
Sharon Reno, Secretary/Treasurer

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